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Banner Rotation

If you would like to be a part of our Banner Rotation just ask. For the rest of the year banner rotation is free with a banner exchange. How bloody great is that? I may charge for the rotation next year, or I may totally forget about it and it will remain free. Regardless, you would need to follow these simple instructions...

1) Grab the Banner below and place it on your site with a link to http://www.vampirewebdesign.com

Now don't think you can bury our banner on some page that it takes 3 - 4 clicks to get to....and no, I'm not demanding it go on your main page - your links page will do juuuuuuuuuuust fine.

2) Send an email to the Head Vampire with the link to the page where our banner is. Be sure to include the link to your banner (or attach it) along with the URL you would like the banner to direct creatures of the night too. *sigh* Okay...we'll direct the humans as well.

That's it!

I'll reply when I see our banner is in place on your site and your banner is in place here. (Usually within 24 hours). 

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