RavenBlack City and Vampire Resources

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Welcome to our RavenBlack City and Vampire Resource Page. Here you will find links to various websites about RavenBlack City. If you know of a website that should be listed here, please send an email, with the information and we'll be glad to put it up.

RavenBlack City
Here is the link
to the city itself.

Clans of RavenBlack
Blood points database
and Clan profiles

Freedom Trade Alliance
Open for all vampires to
join. Information related
to the city. Yahoo group

The Abyss
Forum for clans and
vampires of RBC. Lots
of game information.
Good resource

Ravenblack City FAQs
Built by players - 
for players

The Cove
Center of Vampiric
Yahoo group

A View In The Dark
Has a great list of the
Guilds, Shops, Hunters
and Objects. Updated
on a continuous basis

Outsider's RavenBlack
City Map

Map of entire city
in 4 scrollable sections

Download this interactive
map of the city. Lots of
features. Free   





The Darkest Region
Very active Role Playing Board

Dead and Buried
Active Role Playing Board

Ravenblack Roleplay
Active Role Playing Board

RavenBlack City Roleplay
No longer for RP, this forum is holds a vast among of archived info about the city.

Great New Online Vampire Game (Grid and RP)

Path of the Vampire
Addictive game with new additions added on a regular bases . Recommended


(The west of RBC is named with animals and trees/plants.
The east of RBC is named with minerals/rocks and dark moods.)

Ravenblack City Map - NW Ravenblack City Map - NE
Ravenblack City Map - SW Ravenblack City Map - SE

RavenBlack City Resources You May Find of Interest:

The Darkest Regions
Active Ravenblack City Role Playing board. Recommended

RBC's The Lounge Informational Board
RavenBlack City The Lounge - Informational Board (The City's History) - updated regularly

Ravenblack City Roleplay
RavenBlack City Informational Board with RP Archives

City Newspapers

The Darkest Times

The Ravenblack Bite

The Ravenblack Grimoire

Blood City Independant News

The RavenBlack Royal Tribune

VNN - Vampire News Network

RBC Nitty Gritty
(Retired but still open for people to read past articles)

Other Vampire/Gothic Resources You May Find of Interest:

Free Darker MySpace Graphics and Info for Forum Design

Vampire Freaks Online Community

Vampire/Gothic Website Competition


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